Our Future, Our Business Manifesto

Canada’s largest youth-led movement to change the way we do and teach business!

We are business students and young business professionals, and we believe our business schools are not giving us the necessary knowledge and tools to build a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world. In response to this, over 65 youth organizations, representing over 500 young leaders have united from coast to coast to build a manifesto filled with 20 statements on the most important topics in sustainability and the future of business.


With the support of students, alumni, executive leaders and organizations across sectors, we will deliver an unprecedented effort to transform the future of business schools, and ultimately our own.

Goals of the Manifesto


Improve business education on sustainability by providing schools with an ambitious and comprehensive guide of what the next generation of leaders want to be taught.


Become a centralized guide for students to start thinking about topics in sustainable business and the necessary capitalist reform.


Inspire business students to take action in their school by creating their own student organization on sustainability or get involved in existing ones.


Send a strong signal to industries about the kind of changes the next generation of business leaders and employees are expecting.

Learn more about the Canadian Business Youth Council for Sustainable Development on our About Page.