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By Elisa Birnbaum

Journalist, Author, Publisher

SEE Change Magazine

The Power of Storytelling in Social Entrepreneurship

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Let Me Introduce You to This Topic...

I had been writing about business and social change for many years, then, about 10 years ago I saw the two areas of interest meld into something called social entrepreneurship - and I was really intrigued. I started to learn more about the way that business can be used to impact social change and noticed that there was a dearth of storytelling in the field. I wanted to help get these stories out into the mainstream, to help promote the field of social entrepreneurship and the power of business to make a difference. So, I co-founded SEE Change Magazine and the rest is social entrepreneurial history!

Elisa's Reading List

How to Change the World

David Bornstein

The “bible” of social entrepreneurship, the book was a great introduction to the field and it’s what inspired my initial interest and work in the field.

Conscious Company Media

Conscious Company

great storytelling in their magazine, on their website and wonderful events too, all highlighting business for good.

Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works

Roger Martin & Sally Osberg

the book offers an insightful look at the world of social enterprise, some concrete lessons and a practical model to follow.

The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator

Ken Banks

The book highlights the personal stories of ten social innovators from around the world, tapping into social innovation, design thinking and social entrepreneurship.

SEE Change Magazine

Of course I need to include my own digital magazine as a great source for storytelling in the field. From profiles, how-tos and features stories to opinion pieces and an ongoing podcast, the magazine is full of content to inspire, educate and inform.

In the Business of Change: How social entrepreneurs are disrupting business as usual

Elisa Birnbaum

And of course, I must include my own book, published recently, profiling over 65 social entrepreneurs around the world and their lessons learned.

About the Author

A journalist for over 15 years, Elisa has carved a strong niche covering stories of social innovation and social impact. Most recently, Elisa is the author of In the Business of Change: How social entrepreneurs are disrupting business as usual, profiling entrepreneurs around the world using innovation and savvy to tackle social and environmental challenges. 


Elisa is the publisher & editor-in-chief of SEE Change Magazine, a digital publication of social entrepreneurship that she co-founded almost 10 years ago – and the host of its podcast. Elisa has been a regular columnist on matters of social entrepreneurship for the Financial Post and has been published in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Reuters, Zoomer, Elle Magazine, among other publications. Elisa also works as a communications consultant, helping businesses tell their stories more effectively for greater impact.

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