Getting Started

Key readings to get you started.

Getting Started

Impact Investing 101

Steve Petterson

Executive Director

National Social Value Fund

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

Getting More Advanced

A more advanced set of contributions, to take the conversation and learning further.

Getting more advanced

The Role of Philanthropy in Impact Investing

Sara Lyons

VP Strategic Initiatives

Community Foundations of Canada

Rodney Ghali

Assistant Secretary

Privy Council Office

Role of Governments in Impact Investing

ROI in Impact Investing

Pierre-Laurent Macridis



Decolonizing Impact Investing

Jeffrey Cyr

Managing Partner

Raven Indigenous Capital Partners


Impact Washing & ESG Washing

Paul Allard & Velina Serafimov


Impak Finance

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

We are always preparing to publish more contributions. Let us know here what kind of contributions you'd like to see next!
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