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Meet the Board

Maxime Lakat


Chair/Board Member of the Youth Council

Co-President, Desautels Sustainability Network

McGill University

Bachelors of Commerce 2021

Major in Managing for Sustainability

Minor in Social Entrepreneurship & African Studies


Driven by cross-sectorial projects and the role of the private sector in tackling some of the most pressing social and environmental issues (without replacing the public and social sector).

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Melody Tim Yen


Board Member of the Youth Council

President, Groupe HumaniTerre

HEC Montréal

Bachelors of Business Administration 2020

Major in Logistics

Passionate about incorporating sustainability into every aspect of people’s everyday and working lives. Change involves small citizens actions but also legislation and companies’ initiatives. Interested in sustainable supply chain management and optimization of distribution network. 

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Archit Shukla


Board Member of the Youth Council

President, Corporate Social Responsibility Student Association

Ryerson University

Bachelors of Commerce 2020

Major in Business Technology Management

Minoring in Marketing

Passionate about educating individuals on sustainable business practices while inspiring change to our evolving society. Focusing on various sectors within CSR to assure that knowledge is applicable to daily lives.

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Gareth Gransaull


Board Member of the Youth Council

Co-President, Ivey Social Impact Club 

Western University 

Bachelors of Arts, 2020

Honours Business Administration

Honours Specialization in International Relations

Passionate about clean energy, natural-climate solutions, Indigenous reconciliation, and revitalizing the public sphere. Previous experience includes energy services, urban forestry, and conservation finance. 

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Mariya Chugay


Board Member of the Youth Council

President, John Molson Sustainable Enterprise Committee

Concordia University 

Bachelors of Commerce 2020

Major in Marketing

Elective Grouping in Sustainability


Passionate empowering and educating current and future generations. Interested in lifecycle assessment, impact measurement, and helping businesses transition into sustainable business models. 

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Jean-Sébastien Boutet


Board Member of the Youth Council

President, Association Étudiante du Développement Durable dans les Affaires

Laval University

Bachelors of Commerce 2020

Major in Accounting

Passionate about the role of accounting in sustainable development as well as sustainable finance. Interested in the role of women leadership in sustainable development and mental health on the workplace. 

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Mahnoor Siddiqui


Board Member of the Youth Council

Co-President, the Corporate Social Responsibility Society

York University

International Bachelor of Business Administration 2020


Passionate about educating minds about the power of responsible business to improve living and environmental standards worldwide. Particularly interested in the role sustainability can play in finance and technology.

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Leah Martens


Board Member of the Youth Council

Co-President, Sustainability in Business Laurier

Wilfrid Laurier University 

Bachelors of Business Administration 2021

Major in Accounting


Passionate about making a difference through sustainable business initiatives, cleantech, and impact investing. Interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainability.

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