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Youth Guide


The Youth Guide to Sustainable Business will serve as Canada’s largest centralized source of knowledge for youth to learn from Canada’s most important leaders from a diversity of sectors and industries who will contribute through curated lists of readings, reports, and videos. It is relevant for any students, from business to environmental & social sciences, but also young professionals.

Its creation came from the reality that student needs are not always met by our formal education system. While the Youth Council will work with universities to improve business curriculum, we need to create an alternative source of knowledge for the next generation and inspire them.

We recommend exploring first the Fundamentals of Sustainability chapter below before jumping to other sections that pique your interest. Keep in mind that most categories are created around skills rather than issues, so you can apply knowledge from each one of them in tackling different sustainability challenges.

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Getting Started

Key readings to get you started.

Technologies for Good

Artificial Intelligence for Good

Valerie Pisano / Sasha Lucioni

CEO / Researcher 



The Reality of Smart Cities

Jean-Francois Barsoum

Senior Innovative Executive



Blockchain for Good

Tom Baumann

Founder and Co-Chair

Climate Chain Coalition

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

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