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Our Future, Our Business Manifesto

We’re launching an initiative for business students, by business students to take matters into our own hands and ensure that business students across the country get the resources and education they need to become sustainability leaders. Nine of the most active student organizations on sustainable business across the country have teamed up to create the largest sustainable business movement that Canada’s business schools have ever seen. And it all hinges on this document: A manifesto, co-created by hundreds of young leaders from across the country, containing 20 key statements that outline the importance of sustainability, best practices, and how we can push the conversation further.

Goals of the Manifesto


Improve business education by providing business schools with an ambitious and comprehensive framework for business pedagogy.


Inspire business students to take action in their own schools.


Send a signal to industries about the kind of changes the next generation of business leaders and employees are expecting.


Serve as a centralized guide for students to start thinking about topics in sustainable business and the necessary capitalist reformation.

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