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Environmental and Social Issues

Sustainable Food Systems


Colleen Thorpe

Executive Director,


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Heterogeneity of Actors

The Role of SME's in Driving Sustainable Development


Dror Etzion

Director, Centre for Strategy Studies,

Desautels Faculty of Management


The Role of Charities in Driving Sustainable Development

sara lyons.png

Sara Lyons

VP Strategic Initiatives

Community Foundations of Canada

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Sustainable Business Strategy

B Corps & The Role of Purpose for Corporations

Craig (grey).png

Craig Ryan

Director of Purpose Entrepreneurship,



Systems Thinking for Systemic Change

Stephen Huddart


J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

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Challenging Traditional Views

Managing without growth. slower by design, not disaster 

peter victor.png

Peter Victor

Professor Emeritus

York University

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

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