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Anchor 1

Environmental and Social Issues

Sustainable Food Systems


Colleen Thorpe

Executive Director,


More contributions & diversity coming soon!

Heterogeneity of Actors

The Role of SME's in Driving Sustainable Development


Dror Etzion

Director, Centre for Strategy Studies,

Desautels Faculty of Management

Anchor 2

The Role of Charities in Driving Sustainable Development

sara lyons.png

Sara Lyons

VP Strategic Initiatives

Community Foundations of Canada

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

Sustainable Business Strategy

B Corps & The Role of Purpose for Corporations

Craig (grey).png

Craig Ryan

Director of Purpose Entrepreneurship,



Systems Thinking for Systemic Change

Stephen Huddart


J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

Challenging Traditional Views

Managing without growth. slower by design, not disaster 

peter victor.png

Peter Victor

Professor Emeritus

York University

More contributions & diversity coming soon!

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