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This Manifesto serves as the backbone of our effort to transform the future of how we do and teach by providing business schools and industries with a list of issues and solutions that the next generation of leaders wants to engage more about. 


You might not agree with everything or know much about some of the statements and proposed solutions. However, if you believe, like us, that these topics should be increasingly discussed in Canada’s business community and its schools, then we invite you to sign the Manifesto to support the movement.

The Manifesto's 20 Statements

Big Picture Problems


The climate crisis is advancing rapidly, and poses unprecedented threats to our planet, society, and economy.

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Current levels of income and wealth inequality, fueled by decades of trickle-down economics, are incompatible with the transition to a sustainable world.

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Climate injustice is creating and exacerbating inequalities between communities and countries.

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We need to unite over shared values across our provinces in order to achieve a nation-wide green and socially just transition.

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Mainstream Solutions


We need to rethink the purpose of corporations in order to achieve a balance between profit, planet, and people.

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The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provide an opportunity to employ a common language about key societal issues, as well as a framework to identify business opportunities.

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Sustainable supply chain management will help combat social and environmental issues while ensuring a fair redistribution of economic benefits.

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Canada’s transition to a low-carbon society represents a unique opportunity to build a greener, more prosperous future for all.

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Investors must allocate their capital in a way that is both responsible and impactful in order to create a better world and a more resilient financial system.

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Today’s youth must be prepared for careers in sustainability, given the sustainability challenges and opportunities that exist across all industries.

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We need to move away from the buzzwords “diversity, equity, and inclusion” to embrace true holistic, anti-racist change in our business and thinking.

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Organizations and business schools need to share power with youth to better prepare themselves for the future and leverage the innovative minds of young people.

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Neglected yet Crucial Solutions


An increase in the power of public and social sectors, coupled with greater cross-sectoral collaboration, is necessary to achieve sustainable development.

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Ethical business is the only viable business in a world where increased accountability and transparency are required by all customers and citizens.

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Today’s social and political problems cannot be solved without addressing the realities of power and class privilege. 

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Companies with more collaborative governance models can tackle social and environmental issues through economic democracy.

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Corporate sustainability efforts cannot replace a more progressive tax system, which is necessary to achieve sustainable development.

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Learning the tools to discern ESG greenwashing from true impact measurement will ensure a reallocation of capital towards important societal issues.

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Corporations must overcome their reliance on short-term value metrics and start investing and planning for the long-term.

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To respect the Paris Climate Agreement and avoid environmental, social and economic chaos, we need to engage more with the notion of economic ‘agrowth’.

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Youth Organizations

The Manifesto was written by and in consultation with 65 youth organizations, from entire business student societies to registered not-profits, which include over 1,000 young leaders from 18 years old to 35 years old and who are involved in issues from climate finance to Indigenous leadership.

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