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Youth Organizations

The Manifesto was written by and in consultation with 65 youth organizations, from entire business student societies to registered not-profits, which include over 1,000 young leaders from 18 years old to 35 years old and who are involved in issues from climate finance to Indigenous leadership.


Civil Society Organizations

Civil society organizations recognizing the need for change in business education.


If you desire to sign as an organization, please fill this form.

Executive Leaders

Some of Canada’s most influential executive leaders in sustainability recognizing the need for change in business education signing on their own behalf and not on behalf of their organization.

Mike Gerbis, CEO, GLOBE/The Delphi Group

Adam Spence, CEO and Director, SVX

Karen Lockridge, Director, ESG Investing, Canada Post Corporation Pension Plan

Beatrice Alain, Directrice générale, Chantier de l'économie sociale

Olivier Gamache, Président du conseil, Groupe Investissement Responsable inc.

Carrie Sabin, VP, Corporate Sustainability, Stantec

Mike Rowlands, President & CEO, Junxion Strategy

Claudia Verno, Director, Catastrophic Risk and Climate Policy, Insurance Bureau of Canada

Mihaela Stefanov, Senior Manager, Sustainability and Climate Change, EY

Francisca Quinn, President and CEO, Quinn & Partners Inc.

Elizabeth Alves, VP Enterprise Strategy & Social Responsibility, Cogeco

Geneviève Morin, Présidente-directrice générale, Fondaction

Tonya Surman, CEO, Centre for Social Innovation

Craig Ryan, Director, Purpose Entrepreneurship & ESG, BDC

Magali Depras, Chef de la Stratégie, Transcontinental Inc

Chantale Despres, Director - Sustainability, CN

Frédéric Krikorian, Vice-président, Développement durable, affaires publiques et gouvernementales, Énergir

Susan Uthayakumar, Managing Director, Sustainability Business Division , Schneider Electric

Drummond Lawson, Chief of Staff, Arc'teryx Equipment, Inc.

Mike Andrade, CEO, Morgan Solar

Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Executive Director, League of Innovators

Joel Solomon, Co-Founder, Renewal Funds

Kenny Tang, Chief Compliance Officer & ESG Leader / Chef de la conformité et des pratiques ESG, Trans-Canada Capital Inc.

Laura Zizzo, CEO, Mantle314 Inc.

Carolina Gallo, Chairperson, Canadian Urban Transportation Research Innovation Consortium

Jean-Francois Barsoum, Senior Innovation Executive, IBM

Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre

Anne-Marie Saulnier, Executive Director, ECPAR

Sherazad Adib, Directrice principale, Catalyst Inc.

Julia Langer, CEO, The Atmospheric Fund

Erica Coulombe, Vice president, Millani

Nico Ahn, Group Lead, ESG Disclosures and Reporting, Allianz SE

Lori Nikkel, CEO, Second Harvest

Wesley Gee, Director, Sustainability, The Works Design Communications Ltd

David O'Leary, Founder & Principal, Kind Wealth

Charles Duchesne, CEO, COESIO

Michael Smith, President and Chief Impact Officer, IMPACT BRIDGE

Shilpa Tiwari, Founder, Her Climb

Cedric B. Robert, Founder and Executive Officer, Clearsum

Eric Whan, Director, GlobeScan

Coro Strandberg, President, Strandberg Consulting

Lori Nikkel, CEO, Second Harvest

Subhi Alan Alsayed, Founder and Managing Partner, Elements Ventures Accelerator [EVA]

Marc-André Mailhot, Président fondateur, Maillon Vert

Jessica Pelchat, National Director, Kin&Co

Guy Gervais, Leader Groupe d'intéret investissement d'impact, Groupe d'intérêt investissement d'impact - Anges Québec

Ariane Renaud-Brule, Ange Financier, Comité organisateur du Groupe d’intérêt Investissement Impact Anges Québec

Akhil Sivanandan, Co-founder, Green Story

Catherine Bérubé, Vice-President, Sustainability, Investor Relations and Public Affairs, Cycle Capital

Stephanie McLarty, CEO. REfficient Inc.

Hanbing Zhang, VP of Marketing, Canadian Solar

Bruce Taylor, President, Enviro-Stewards Inc.

Dana Stephenson, Co-Founder, CEO, Riipen

Chris Henderson, President, Lumos Energy & Indigenous Clean Energy

Philippe Dunsky, President, Dunsky Energy

Audrey M Mascarenhas, President and CEO, Questor Technology Inc

Loïc Angot, Associate, Practice Leader Sustainability, Lemay

Elizabeth Castrillon Jimenez, Director Advisory Services, Social Impact, impakt

Jean-Philippe Shoiry, Chief of Strategy, Partner, Republik

Bob Willard, Founder and Chief Sustainability Champion, Sustainability Advantage

Yann Pezzini, Head of Practice, Social Impact Strategy, Credo

Richard Tuck, CEO, Wakopa Financial

Esther Dormagen, President, Ellio, sustainable strategies

Anne-Josée Laquerre, President & Co-founder, Québec Net Positif

Carol Anne Hilton, CEO, Indigenomics Institute

Heather Mak, Principal Advisor/Co-Founder, Heather Mak Consulting / Diversity in Sustainability

Neil Pegram, VP of Capital Markets, Measurabl

Jo Flatt, VP, Corporate Planning & Sustainability, Allied REIT

Christophe Goffoz, Co-Leader du Groupe d’Intérêt Investissement Impact, Groupe d’Intérêt Investissement Impact Anges Québec

Chantal Thieblin Goffoz, Membre du comité de gestion, Groupe d’intérêt Investissement Impact Anges Québec

Steven Pacifico, Director, Sustainability and Innovation, Corporate Sustainability Professional for 20+ Years

Paul Allard, CEO, impak Finance, l'agence de notation d'impact indépendante


If you desire to sign as an executive leader, please fill this form.


Students and Alumni

We are gathering nationwide support for this initiative. Take a look at some of the youth signatories below. This list is updated regularly to reflect the names of the most recent signatories.

Name: Bob Mitchell

University: University of Calgary

Program: MBA in Finance

Name: Elizabeth Castrillon

University: York University

Program: MBA

Name: Logan Aitken

University: University of British Columbia

Program: Finance

Name: Marylie Lindsay-Talboy

University: University du Québec en Outaouais

Program: Accounting

Name: Alix Karsh-LeClaire

University: Queen's University

Program: Commerce

Name: Quan Nguyen

University: McGill University

Program: Finance

Name: Janessa Grossett

University: Trent University

Program: Business Administration & Environmental and Resource Studies

Name: Jim Fonger

University: York University

Program: Economics

Name: Natalie Irwin

University: Carleton University

Program: Sustainable Energy Policy

Name: Sandy Nadugala

University: University of Ottawa

Program: Human Resources

Name: Marco Maitland

University: University of Manitoba

Program: Accounting

Name: Simran Sandhu

University: Brock University

Program: Business Administration

Name: Victoria Tomasiak

University: University of Guelph

Program: Marketing Management

Name: Steven Sharpe

University: University of Regina

Program: Accounting

Name: Gareth Gransaull

University: Western University

Program: Honors Business Administration

Name: Marie-Christine Gagnon

University: Université de Sherbrooke

Program: Environnement

Name: Alicia Zaatar

University: HEC Montreal

Program: Accounting

Name: Haranjan Singh

University: University of Alberta

Program: Business

Name: Alexandre Hamelin

University: Université Laval

Program: MBA

Name: Brenda Plant

University: HEC Montreal

Program: International Business

Name: Shikhank Sharma

University: Simon Fraser University

Program: Finance/Sustainability

Name: Lana Bober

University: Concordia University

Program: Marketing

Name: Gabriela Rodriguez

University: Thompson Rivers University

Program: Marketing

Name: Dominique Boudreault

University: UQAM

Program: Finance

Name: James Mason

University: University of Victoria

Program: Sustainable Innovation

Name: Ifeanyi Eziuloh

University: University of Winnipeg

Program: Business Administration

Name: Geordie Hancock

University: Ryerson University

Program: Business Management, Law and Business

Name: Sarah Gaeta

University: Wilfrid Laurier

Program: Marketing

Name: Samantha Linton

University: University of Waterloo

Program: Sustainability Management

Name: Farzana Mussa

University: University of Toronto

Program: Consulting

This list is updated regularly to reflect the names of the most recent signatories.

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